My name is Eve Livingston, and I’m a UK-based freelance journalist and writer primarily covering social issues, politics and inequalities. In particular I specialise in gender and feminist analysis, and I’ve twice won ‘Write to End Violence Against Women’ awards for my coverage of gender-based and sexual violence. At various other times I am/have been: an Edinburgh University social sciences graduate; a student union officer; a feminist activist; an adult woman the height of a 12-year-old child; a Beyonce enthusiast.

I have bylines at The Guardian, The Independent, Red Magazine and lots of others, and I’ve covered everything from corporate feminism and voter disenfranchisement to University Challenge. I’ve got a background in broadcast having spent most of my degree in a student radio studio and some time after graduating working across various different TV/Radio shows and channels at the BBC. I also have experience in social media, copywriting and editing, so feel free to get in touch about any or all of the above, or if you’d like me to talk about my opinions on TV/radio/panel debates etc.

On this website you’ll find my published writing and clips of broadcast media, as well as a collation of other thoughts and fun things like playlists under the ‘blog’ section. I hope you’ll find something you like here and consider getting in touch if you think there’s any way we can work together, or if you’d just like to say hello. You can contact me easily here. 

Thanks for visiting,

Eve x

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