Here is just a small selection of my recent published work and media appearances. If you’re looking for something in particular and you can’t find it here, please get in touch.


‘I’d be dead without it’: how mentoring is changing the lives of care leavers in Scotland (The Guardian)

The highs and lows of starting a union from scratch (Huck)

This Home Office report proves sex workers have been right all along (VICE)

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Yer da sells Avon: How the Scots language found a new home on Twitter (The Face)

How Scotland’s ‘Coronavirus Capital’ Will Lose Out Yet Again (VICE)


Young Scots rally to independence banner for 2021 elections (The Observer)

Glasgow drug users and MP hail ‘lifesaving’ van that defies UK law (The Observer)

Iowan Democrat expats gather in Glasgow for satellite caucus (The Guardian)

“I could just end up another dead homeless person under that bridge”: why Shelter are suing Scotland’s biggest council (The Guardian)

These Glasgow women are fighting back after decades of discrimination (VICE)

Care leavers meet with Jacqueline Wilson to debate the true reality of care (The Big Issue)


Revealed: the companies in Scotland where the gender pay gap is growing (The Ferret)

How an online forum for mums became a toxic hotbed of transphobia (VICE)

The secret exploitation at the Edinburgh Fringe (VICE)


Women can transform the trade union movement – for everyone’s benefit (The Herald)

Capitalism is coming for your friendships now, too (HuffPost UK)

Urgency is what’s demanded by young activists. But they’re met with crumbling complacency (The Guardian)

Thousands of low-paid women are striking. Where’s the solidarity? (The Guardian)


Interview on Rebel City podcast

Radio 4 Woman’s Hour debate about “corporate feminism”