Edinburgh Fringe Comedy Reviews (The Skinny)

A selection of comedy reviews I did for The Skinny at the Edinburgh Fringe 2017:

Kat Bond – Loo Roll at Pleasance Courtyard (★★★★)

Tessa Coates – Primates at Pleasance Courtyard (★★★)

Evelyn Mok – Hymen Manoeuvre at Pleasance Courtyard (★★★★)

Next Best Thing – How to Be Good at Everything at Pleasance Courtyard (★★★)

Ian Smith – Snowflake at Underbelly (★★★)

Mark Nelson – Irreverence at Gilded Balloon (★★★)

Sara Pascoe – LadsLadsLads at Pleasance Courtyard (★★★★)

Eleanor Morton – Angry Young Woman at The Stand (★★★)

Louise Reay – Hard Mode at The Stand (★★★)

Thom Tuck – An August Institution at Heroes (★★★★)


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